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The latest in vaping technology, brought to you by Geek Bar Pulse


The vaping business is always launching new, innovative products, and Geek Bar Pulse is just one of them.

The Geek Bar Pulse is a model of a more modern electronic vaporizer. Thanks to its intuitive design and high level of customization, it can be used by both experienced and newcomers with ease. The Geek Bar Pulse is packed with incredible features that the firm is claiming will change the way people vape forever.

This pod system is unique since it uses a full-screen twin mesh coil. A comprehensive review of this cutting-edge vape device is provided in this blog post, which covers all the essentials, including technical details, taste profiles, and more.

The Features of Geek Bar Pulse

A design that is both visually appealing and inviting may be found on the Geek Bar Pulse. In addition to having rounded corners on all sides, the disposable rectangular device also has an LED screen located on the right side of its body.

A planet-like form is featured on the front of the vaporizer, while the interior of the device has a raised tactile texture design. Anyone can find a planet and color palette that suits their preferences. You will see the Geek Bar logo located close to the top of the globe, which is just above the flavor name. At its highest point, the Normal mode generates 15,000 puffs, making it the option that falls somewhere in the middle. When the slider is set to Pulse, the disposable can create up to 7,500 puffs. This is the maximum capacity.

In addition to having a clear rubberized coating, the offset mouthpiece is constructed out of the same colored plastic as the body consists of.

A USB port with a Type-C connector and a slider with three positions are located on the bottom, as one might anticipate. It is not possible to activate the vaporizer by attempting to inhale because it is locked and the slider is set to Close. Its features are very close to crown bar vape and other vape, yet it delivers far better results.

The firmness of it

In order to construct the Geek Bar Pulse, sturdy materials are utilized. The screen is enclosed in a thick plastic covering that provides secure concealment, and it is supported by a polycarbonate construction that is particularly durable.

 Design supremacy

One of the most notable characteristics of the Geek Bar Pulse is its ergonomic design. The rounder shape of the mouthpiece and the bite-friendly rubberized coating make it a comfortable and dental-protective method of smoking.

Battery Life

We were able to discover that the Pulse battery has a capacity of 650 mAh, which is a disposable battery, despite the fact that Geek Bar does not disclose any information regarding the Pulse battery. This battery capacity has now been documented in a wide variety of high puff count vapes that have been invented since then. It seems to be a good choice for companies who are concerned with ensuring that their e-juice tanks have sufficient volume without compromising the amount of battery life they offer.

I had hoped that the Geek Bar Pulse would have a longer battery life than it actually does. We were only able to get 6-7 hours out of what we had believed would be an 8-9 hour lifespan, and this was despite the fact that we were vaping heavily and continuously.

Stunning Display

In all likelihood, the fault lies with the extremely stunning display, which also consumes a great deal of power. When it comes to vapers who have large-capacity e-cigarettes and who are unable to do without their charger for the entirety of the day, this is an absolute must. Those who vape less frequently should have a battery life that is substantially longer on a single charge.

Lasting Puff Count

Both the Normal and Pulse modes of vaping are available on the Geek Bar Pulse, making it a versatile device. On the standard option, the puff count of the device is increased to 15,000, which results in clouds and flavor that are more subdued while simultaneously reducing the amount of energy and e-juice that is consumed!

In summary

Our examination of the Geek Bar Pulse, a disposable vaporizer with a high capacity, shows that it is very cost-effective. Among its many useful features is a twin mesh coil arrangement that guarantees consistent dosage, as well as fifteen different flavor options.

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